Goldpaw Reg'd Golden Retrievers

These Puppies are spoken for. Feel free to watch puppies grow with weekly photos!

D.O.B. February 6, 2019

4 Girls & 4 Boys

Girl collar colors are Orange, Grey denim, Hot Pink & White.

Boy collar colors are Black Hearts, Tan Hearts, Yellow & Red

We ask that no one takes these photos off my site to share. thank you!


Puppies are 7 week old!

This week is special since I'm revealing  which puppy belongs to which family! look below the head shot to see which puppy is yours :)

see you on Sunday!

Yellow collar boy puppy belongs to Rob Mills

Tan heart collar boy belongs to Jorge and Family


Red collar boy belongs to Tanya

Black heart collar belongs to Tammy & Family

Pink collar girl belongs to Ken & Dawn

Mint collar girl belongs to Denise and Family

Orange collar girl belongs to Amanda



Denim girl belongs to Laura








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