Selectively Breeding a couple of litters a year, we put much time and effort into doing it right! Our puppies are sold to approved homes only basis, and we require that persons interested fill out an on line puppy application.

If you have any questions on any of the breedings we have planned or if you would like to fill out our puppy application, please fell free to contact me.

We do ship puppies some restrictions apply.



Breeding Plans.......... 

NOTE:  We encourage you to contact us early if interested,  as puppies reserve quickly. We do screen potential clients asking anyone interested to fill out a questionnaire and interview. Phone interview are done if distance does not permit a home visit. We do this to ensure that our puppies are placed in appropriate homes & to ensure that clients have done their homework in regards to responsibilities that come with dog ownership.




It's the Big Reveal!!!! Below are head shots of each puppy with names of the new owners at the bottom of the picture :) See you all this weekend :)

No Collar boy belongs to Helen (Latte/Favor)

Red collar boy belongs to Heather & Sandy (Cameron/Hudson)

Green Collar boy belongs to Brooke & Matthew  (Latte/Favor)

Brown collar boy belongs to Laura (Latte/Favor)

Orange collar girl belongs to Veronica & Larry (Latte/Favor)


Blue collar boy belongs to the Kohn's family (Latte/Favor)



Pink collar girl belongs to the Elgie family  (Latte/Favor)


Red collar girl belongs to Ed & Mary (Latte/Favor)

Pink collar girl belongs to Debbi (Cameron/Hudson)

Yellow collar girl belongs to Jess & Jordie (Cameron/Hudson)

Grey collar girl belongs to Corinne (Latte/Favor)






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