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BPISS.BPIS. CHMicin's Maximus Goldpaws Goodino


Arlo is the most patient dog I've ever owned! With his sincere eyes he tells the story of a breed that is so kind and forgiving of all. He has the most gorgeous coat color and great fringing that adds to his glamour. 

His kids have been just as special as him as two of his girls Coral & Hickory, live here with us and have been the sweetest of girls! 

His show career was very successful... Along the way to his Championship he won a Best Puppy In Specialty & an

All-breed Best Puppy In Show. 

Arlo lives with his new family now but is still very much part of our breeding program! I cannot thank his family enough for giving him the best life as he deserves! 


Always has asmile on his face!


Cheetah on the left & Arlo winning Best Baby Puppy & Best Puppy In Specialty

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