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Over the past 26 years we have been blessed with many special goldens that were born here and flourished into some talented kids! From Best in Show Winners, to Grand Champions, Baby/puppy in show., CGN, Trick, versatility & rally titles.


I've always told folks that it takes a village to get these dogs ready for competition, kept in excellent physical condition, hours of practices and so on. Thank you to all the very dedicated owners that make my dogs shine! It starts with a dedicated breeder, dedicated owner and a special dog!  My passion for goldens have brought so many beautiful people into my life, together we march forward to preserve the most wonderful breed!



On this page we showcase those special dogs along with the owners that made it happen!  Thank you to all of you for making Goldpaw shine! 

dog show ribbon.jpg

Goldpaw Bred Dogs

BIS.RBIS GCH. Goldpaw Got Twenty Twenty Vision At Sunkozi SDHF OD

We are pleased to announce that Echo has been awarded the title of #1 Golden Female in Canada for 2024. This recognition is a reflection of her exceptional breeding, training, and temperament. We are honored to have Echo as a part of our family!  Thank you to her dedicated owner Beverly Farquhar of Sunkozi the driving force behind Echo for believing in her and giving some girl POWER to the ring

Echo's parents are Vuitton/Santiago


                     Ch. Goldpaws Out Back Bluebery pikn CGN, Pre CD, CD, Rally Novice, Versatility title 

This beautiful boy is owned by Janice (big sis), thank you my dear friend for all your hard work and commitment to Woods!  This boy is a full brother to our Kinder. 

 BPIS.GCH. Goldpaw's Baelfire Making Magic At Bearzden

Bael has had a very successful 2023!!!!  thank you, Judy, for your dedication & love for Bael! Enjoy every moment with your boy! 

Bael's parents are Candles/Bogart


 GCh. Goldpaws Rainbow Classic

Thank you Kylie for working so hard with Sawyer and putting Goldpaw on the map up in NL!! 

Sawyer's parents are Hobby/Kinder

 Ch. Goldpaw's Starlight Starbright

Cathy... all your hard worked paid off!!! I believed in you and Arwen! Enjoy your Champion girl!! 

Arwen's parents are Christie/Sport


GCh. Goldpaw's Violets are Blue/ Ch. Goldpaw's Pixie Dust

"Introducing Rebecca's dynamic duo! With Rebecca's magic touch, these beauties always look like they just stepped out of a shampoo commercial! Thanks, Rebecca, for being the ultimate glam squad!" 

Violet parents are Marin/Lego & Tink's parents are Candles/Bogart


TDGCH Goldpaw U Gimme Jungle Fevr "Bogart"

This boy is always ready and willing to get the job done at hand! Bogart has tons of tricks up his sleeve!!! Thank you Linda for the great life you have given him and please teach this boy to bring you breakfast in bed! You deserve it :)

Bogart is a Christie/favor son

BPIG. Goldpaw's  I'm The King Of The Castle

Congrats to owners Gerry & Jenn for a beautiful puppy 

group win on their cutie King! Let see what 2024 holds 

for this gem! 

King is a Hickory/Kinder son


This little Fig has a big showing attitude!  She is beautiful & she will let everyone know! Congrats to Joy for all the hard work preparing Fig to show at such an early age. We know the future will hold no boundaries... Reach high as the sky Joy & Fig! 

Fig is a Hickory/Theon daughter. 

Photo credit Tracy Cartwright


Side Note~ To our families that are competing with their dog if a title is earned and you'd like to be added to this page please email me

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