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Meet Our Golden Boys!

To visit our dogs individual pages please click on their photo!

Some of our boys are available at stud. Selected girls must have all health clearances & be in my opinion a nice compliment for our boys. We bred to improve the breed & any product of our dogs reflect us and the standard of quality we expect!

GCH. Goldpaws FavrIt BluberySrprise"KINDER"

Am. pointed Mattiaci Willing Accomplice"Wingman"


BPISS.BPIS. CHMicin's Maximus Goldpaws Goodino"ARLO"

Goldpaw boy

Meet Our Golden Girls!

Goldpaw's Treasure In The Reef"CORAL"


BBPIS GCH Goldpaw's Jungle Kitty"CHEETAH"


GCH. Goldpaw's the mouse ran up the clock"Hickory"

hickory head.jpg

CH. Goldpaw's Shine On You Crazy Decade"CANDLES"


MBPIS. GCH. Goldpaw's we Adore you"Adore"


Goldpaw Camp Hair Don't Care"Hairison"

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