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Goldpaw's Treasure In The Reef"Coral"

Meet Coral, the perfect balance of everything desirable! She's confident yet gentle, obedient yet fun-loving, and super snuggly yet peaceful in your lap. With her energy at just the right times, Coral is the girl everyone wants around!

Being that she is the daughter of Cheetah & Arlo, she is two great dogs together in one! She is borrowed by my dog families for sleepovers, and when she comes home, she has more stories to tell me than a best selling author!!!



Coral is such a pretty dog, She possesses excellent movement and a remarkable tail carriage, her coat flowy like her dad Arlo in a lighter color.    She's expecting her first litter with Kinder at the end of February 2024, and we are sure she will welcome them with open paws!


Coral as a youngster.. Can you see why she stayed!


Coral's Health Testing

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