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Introducing Wingman, the golden retriever who exudes sweetness and treats every living being like a cherished friend. He's highly motivated and always eager to please, with a personality that shines as bright as his athletic build. And when he wants some affection, he'll nestle his head into your chest like a true gentleman. With Wingman by your side, you'll feel like you can conquer the world.

To any breeders looking at his page these things we want to know!!!!

Wingman is a well-structured dog with a hard topline and great tail carriage, making him a must-have for any breeder. He has a short loin, proper coat, and great front and rear angles. His ears are correct shape & size. His happy-go-lucky attitude towards humans and other furry friends makes him an asset to any breeding program. Additionally, he represents a new bloodline, making him a valuable addition to our breeding program. 

Wingman will be out at shows in 2024 to earn his Champion title. Keep an eye out for him!

Wingman's heath testing 
OFA health certificate

Wingman being shown in the U.S. 

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