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GCH. Goldpaw'sThe Mouse Ran Up The Clock

My little Hickory.. She is the type of golden that fits in as part of the furniture! She's a lot of fun to be around, but also has a sensible side to her. You'll often find her hanging out with Coral, whether they're chilling on the couch or running around outside during walks. She's just one of those dogs that you can't help but love!

We are proud to add that we have been blessed with exceptional puppies from Hickory. These little ones are sure to become a big impact as both beloved companions and top-performing show dogs. We know that they will exceed all expectations and make us proud every step of the way.

Pictured on the left is a girl puppy we kept from Hickory & Theon. 

Cactuses _edited.png

Hickory's show career was short and sweet! Attaining her Grand Championship super quick, with her beautiful type and sound movement, she was a judge favorite! 

Hickory's Health Testing
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