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Alright, let me introduce you to Kinder - the ultimate cuddle bug and self-proclaimed mommy's boy. This guy is so obsessed with snuggling up with his favorite human that he practically turns into a furry hot water bottle!  So, if you're in need of a little extra love and affection in your life, just give Kinder a call - he's always down for a good snuggle session!

On a more serious note, this boy was happy to show his mom just how amazing he can be as a show dog! A few show weekends and he was a Champion, a few more and he was a Grand Champion! 

He is a joy to watch as he gaits through the yard as though he's floating, holding his tail straight off his back in a kindly wag.  He has a beautiful straight coat with a mane that flows as he moves. Biggest teddy bear head with a huge kindly expression, Kinder is sure to melt your heart! 

GCH Goldpaws FavrIt BluberySrprise "Kinder"


 What is there not to like about this beautiful boy! Here he is winning a

Group 1st under sporting dog judge David Gilmour.

Kinder attained his Grand Championship in less than a week's time. We feel so blessed to have him in our lives and breeding program! His kids are as special as he is! 

Crystal Salt_edited.jpg

Kinder's health testing

White Crosses
Silk Texture

Some of Kinder's kids! 

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